Растяжки, обвисшая кожа, лишний вес. Новый флешмоб в соцсетях о приятии женщинами собственного тела после родов


Фотограф и мать троих детей Хейли Гарнет решила не просто рассказать о последствиях родов для её тела, но и показать их. Она запустила в Instagram флешмоб под хэштегом #celebrating_my_postpartum.

Фотограф честно призналась: «Для меня путь принятия себя после родов был непростым, но он оказал на меня огромное психологическое воздействие. Гораздо приятнее смотреть на себя в зеркало, уже не борясь с желанием сразу же отвернуться.


Обвисшая кожа, растяжки, диастаз — всё это часть меня, и, ей-богу, я буду изо всех сил гордится тем, как сильно в физиологическом смысле меня изменило материнство».

When you’re a bigger woman, somehow it makes certain people think you don’t deserve to say you have a «real» postpartum body.. THIS. IS. FALSE.. You grew a human. You birthed a human, whether they came out of your lady bits or through surgery. You have a postpartum body. Period. End of story. It doesn’t matter what that body looks like. There is no definition of what a postpartum body is supposed to look like, contrary to what some people will try and force you to believe. You will see women who have no marks, or have 50. You will see women whose stomachs went right back to being smooth and flat, or hang down with loose skin. You will see women who have lots of fat on their bellies, or who have none. You will see women who were in great shape and toned when they got pregnant and women who were considered «plus size» when they got pregnant. Some women stayed in shape through pregnancy while others gained weight. But what do all of these women have in common after birthing these adorable humans?. They. Have. A. Postpartum. Body.. They have a story. Their story matters and it counts. They can post the photo if they want to. And not every photo will look the same. I am SO DONE with hearing that certain women aren’t allowed to consider their body a «real» postpartum body and post their love for it.. So here it is. Another lovely photo of my postpartum body. 🌺 #mypostpartumcounts

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1st born: Mommy, what’s this on your belly? (Pulls skin, points to scars) Me: Those are my love marks, baby. That’s where I got to carry you and your brothers in my belly. 1st born: Is there another baby in your tummy? Me: No, baby. Mommy already had all her babies. Mommy got to have you first! It was so special! Then the doctors got to take your brothers out right here! Can you believe that? Now they are so big! I can’t believe they ever fit in there! 1st born: Thanks mommy. Me: Thank YOU for choosing me as your mommy from heaven and coming into my life! ❤️ #csectionawarnessmonth #ninemonthsinninemonthsout #illloveyouforever #heavensent #lovemarks #celebrating_my_postpartum #bodylove #realmom #twinmom #threeunderthree #twinsandatoddler

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December 01: Postpartum (self portrait) This is my body after it has grown and carried 4 children. I have grown to love and appreciate my body for all of its marks and sags, because I marvel at the strength and resilience of it. Women are pretty incredible, and I’m not sure who ever said that men are stronger — because we grow and birth babies and that’s a pretty damn big deal! This little guy is 3 months old today and my heart could not be any more full! ♥️. .. .. #clickinmoms #childhoodeveryday #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #thesincerestoryteller #dearphotographer #documentyourdays #documentaryphotography #thelifestylecollective #oureverydaymoments #thehonestlens #thedocumentarymovement #kidsforreal #momswithcameras #runwildmychild #Wildandbravelittles #thebloomforum #spomh #selfportraitsofmotherhood #postpartum #postpartumbody #decemberproject2017 #celebrating_my_postpartum

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Today was grueling. If you caught me on my stories you would have seen me break down in tears. I was feeling defeated and hurt. ⠀ 🖤 I woke up this morning proud of my body. Excited to finally see results in healing my abdominal separation. These days don’t happen often. It’s hard to look in the mirror or even down and see the bulge and trauma that my midsection has been through. Today, however, my progress gave me hope of full healing in the future. ⠀ 🖤 And then it happened. A woman that I don’t have any sort of personal connection with asked, «You're expecting as well?» ⠀ 🖤⠀ Nope lady. No, I am not… _________________________________________. ♥️♥️♥️ see original post for entire beautiful post ♥️♥️♥️ _________________________________________. Photo shared by beautiful IG. Mom, Shannon @shannonleeblog Beauty of MotherHood is in Everyday Moments. Celebrating ALL Mothers & Your Precious Miracles.. 🖤SUPPORT to INSPIRE🖤. Follow & Tag #ig_motherhood Featured by Jordynn @joordynnalexanderfalcones 🖤😘 _________________________________________. #igmom_shannonleeblog. .. .. #MagicofChildhood#pixel_kids#candidchildhood #momlifeisthebestlife#teammotherly #motherhoodsimplified#dearestviewfinder #cameramama#joyfulmamas #smile #momswithcameras#clickinmoms #childofig#dearphotographer #lightinspired#our_everyday_moments #kidsforreal#dailyparenting #childrenoftheworld#mom_hub #humansofjoy #momtogs#bestofmom #motherhoodunplugged#honestlens#the_sugar_jar#honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising

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Суть акции проста: нужно выложить свою фотографию, на которой видны последствия беременности и деторождения, с которыми столкнулось ваше тело, и рассказать свою историю, сопроводив её соответствующим хэштегом, а также отметить ещё одну маму, чтобы она поделилась своей историей.

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