Посмотрите Instagram девушки с густой бородой, которая считает её своей фишкой


У Харнаам Каур синдром поликистоза яичников, одним из симптомов которого является чрезмерная выработка тестостерона. В случае с Харнаам этот симптом так сильно выражен, что у неё растёт густая борода.

Впрочем, девушка научилась принимать себя такой, какая она есть, и сделала свою необычную внешность фишкой.



‘You can only give love if you first have it personally.’ I believed in this quote so much….I have self love so I am able to give it to people too, but what about people who don’t love themselves. Let’s face it, we don’t live in a fairy land where everything is butterflies and roses; not everyone loves themselves. I love myself but I haven’t been able to attract love( a partner) so what does that say about the quote above. Those who do not love themselves may love their siblings, their friends and their parents. There isn’t a lack of love there, love is present but for others if not for themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. We as people, the most powerful thing that we can do is not show our treasures, or share our inner treasures with others. The most amazing thing that we can do for people is to show them there’s. It is through this realisation we as a community can embed the seed of love within a person who is lacking it for themselves! 📸- @catalinababs P.S- Anyone who says that they ‘don’t want to be with me!’ Congratulations, you’ve played yourself. I’m buff ❤️🌹 #harnaamkaur #selflove #italy

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My side boob offended so many people, yet they forget that they were fed through a nipple, they were raised strong through a nipple. They forget that the Guru, the Saints, Jesus, Mohammed attached themselves for nourishment to a nipple. They forget that Legacies, heritages, and lineages suckled on a nipple. Have you forgotten how many meals were given to you through the nipple? Don’t you know that your future, your kids and their kids will grow mighty from the nipple. People pay for the nipple, they play games for that nipple. They will fuck, suck, touch and nibble on that nipple. I am proud of my body. I am proud that my body will provide numerous meals and nourishment, and my baby will feed through my nipple. Power to the nipple ❤️ 📸- @catalinababs

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Pin me your location 📍 📸- @catalinababs

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Prostranstvo 2015
Prostranstvo 2015
26 ноября 2017 19:15

У нее наверно под юбкой бородищаааааа

Prostranstvo 2015
Prostranstvo 2015
26 ноября 2017 23:26